Sunday, 24 June 2018

Plateau violence spreads; curfew declared in three local govts

PLateau state governor, SImon Bako Lalong. [Photo credit:]

The Plateau State Government has imposed a dusk to down curfew in three local government areas of the state, following escalation of the Barkin Ladi violence to Jos South Local Government Area, Sunday afternoon.

A statement by the Secretary to the Plateau State Government, Rufus Bature, said the curfew is to prevent further loss of lives.

“The Plateau State government has imposed curfew in Riyom, Barkin Ladi and Jos South to avert a breakdown of law and order,” Mr Bature stated.

“Movement is restricted from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m., except those on essential duties.”

Police Officer Who Was Killed By Vehicle In Ekiti State, Buried Amid Tears. Photos

The police officer who was killed after being knocked down by a vehicle in Ekiti state – has been buried amid tears. The deceased identified as Inspector Kayode Gabriel of the State Intelligence Bureau (SIB) – was due for promotion to the rank of ASP before he was killed in the accident.

The policeman was hit by a Toyota Sienna Van which also knocked down two pedestrians on Bashiri road just before the newly constructed over head bridge in Ekiti. .

Baby In Pains As Her Head Continues To Swell Due To Medical Condition. Photos

A Facebook user spotted this little baby suffering from a medical condition known as Hydrocephalus which caused her head to swell abnormally. The baby who has been in pains following the gathering of fluids in the brain – was seen crying as her mother consoled her joyfully while revealing that the baby would have undergone medical treatment if not for financial restraints.
Preparations are now being made to raise funds for the baby.
Hydrocephalus (also called “water on the brain”) can make babies’ and young children’s heads swell to make room for the excess fluid. Older kids, whose skull bones have matured and fused together, have painful headaches from the increased pressure in the head.

See The New Tactics Used By Armed Robbers Arrested Along Nigerian Border. Photos

Police operatives have apprehended five deadly trans-Boarder armed robbers operating along Nigeria/Benin Republic border on motorcycles with AK47 Rifles hidden under the seat. The suspects who were arrested by IRT operatives are:
1) Femi Adegbile 29yrs From Ologuneru LGA Oyo state
2) John Ajayi 41yrs Native of Benin republic
3) Ajayi Kamoru 47yrs Native of Benin republic
4) Emil Goduo 34yrs Native of Benin Republic,
5) Saheed Shosanya 27yrs Native of Odeda LGA Ogun State.
Their operational Ak47 rifle was hidden under the seat along with two magazines fully loaded with 60 rounds of live ammunition.
The suspects confessed to multiple car snatching and many armed robberies along the Nigeria/Benin Boarder while disguising as normal motorcycle riders.

Suspected Kidnappers Apprehended Over Failed N20m Ransom In Lagos. Photo

Three suspected kidnappers have been arrested after they allegedly threatened and demanded N20m ransom from one Mrs. Daisy Ada Vwarak in the exchange for freedom and they were trapped by the police in Lagos. The incident happened at Ilupeju area of Lagos were Mrs. Vwarak resided with her family.

The suspects were Finboy Brown, 24, Emeka Richard, 19 and Unity Udoyi.

It was gathered that the suspects had attempted to abduct the victim and then asked her to contacted her relations to pay the ransom in exchange for her freedom.
The police did not state clearly if she was already abducted and kept in captivity before they suspects were arrested.

They were alleged to have used two telephone numbers, 07082144870 and 07089816369 to make contact for the ransom. They also gave details of the bank account which the victim can pay the ransom into and threatened that if she contacted the police, she will be killed.

However, the matter was reported to the police who set trap for them to collect the ransom and three of the suspects were arrested while others escaped.

They were charged before Ikeja Magistrates court for threatening the victim with violence and kidnapping.
They pleaded not guilty.

The prosecutor, Mr. Benson Emuerhi did not object their bail condition.

Thus, the Presiding Magistrate, Mrs. O. Sule Amzat granted them bail in the sum of N250,000 with two sureties in like sum.

They were remanded in prison custody pending when they will perfect their bail condition.

The matter was adjourned till 11 October, 2018.

How Lady Caught Her Boyfriend Sleeping With Her Cousin After Tracking His Phone.

A man was caught cheating on his girlfriend with a family member after a tracking app was set up on his phone. Stan Stockton-Price, an offshore worker had set up the GPS device and had paired it with his girlfriend Milli Hansen’s phone so she could pinpoint him out at sea.

However, blundering Stan, 24, had forgotten to deactivate his device once he had returned home, which exposed a secret liaison with his cousin Jess Gifford.

Speaking to Geraldine McKelvie and Jack Falber at the Sunday Mirror, 20-year-old Milli has spoken of her shock following the discovery.

She said: ‘I’ll never trust a man again after what he did. I was so shocked – no one ever expects to see that.’

The shop assistant agreed to look after Stan’s younger sister so both he and his mother could go to a family party.

However she became worried when his mother messaged her to say he had not turned up to the gathering.

Remembering the tracking system that had been set up on his phone, she followed it to his Stan’s aunt’s house.

It was then she caught Stan in the act with his cousin Jess.

She said; ‘I looked through the window and all I could see was stands clothes strewn all over the floor. ‘Then I caught the sight of Jess topless – with Stan beneath her. ‘Their faces were a picture when I showed up at the door but I felt sick’.

Stan and Milli, from Grimsby, Lincolnshire had been together for two years after meeting at a party through mutual friends.

After she called Stan’s mum to come back from the party she stormed off and has not been in touch with Stan since.

Messi Leads Training As Argentina Prepares For Crunch Match Against Nigeria. Photos

Argentina took to the training pitch once more on Saturday morning as they look to make the most of a lifeline handed to them by Nigeria. Lionel Messi and Co looked as though they were heading out of the World Cup after a humiliating 3-0 defeat to Croatia left them with one point from two games.

But Nigeria beating Iceland on Friday has left the group wide open. Argentina can now qualify if they beat Nigeria and better Iceland’s result against Croatia in the final round of fixtures.

Jorge Sampaoli led the training session despite calls from South America that he should resign before Argentina even play their final group game.

There have been reports claiming that Sampaoli has received a backlash from his players, led by Sergio Aguero who seemed more than displeased with the coach after their game.

In a post-match interview, Aguero was asked what he thought about Sampaoli’s claim that the ‘project had failed’, with the striker responding, ‘let him say what he wants’, before abruptly ending the interview as he stormed off.

But following Iceland’s defeat to Nigeria, the group is wide open with Argentina just two points off second place.

The team were reinvigorated as they trained on Saturday, knowing despite two dreadful displays so far they had been gifted a chance at putting it right.

They will face Nigeria in their final group game next Tuesday and must win, while also bettering the result of Iceland against Croatia.

Bodyguard To Late Warlord, Ojukwu Reveals What He Told Them About Biafra. Photo

Bishop (Dr) Obi Udezuwe Onubogu, former Aide-de-Camp (ADC) to the late Head of State of the defunct Republic of Biafra, General Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, has revealed what his boss told them about Biafra. Onubogu who is currently the Bishop, Rock Family Church, Rock Cathedral, Enugu, was with the late Ojukwu as the civil war raged, as well as in exile.
In this exclusive interview with Sunday Sun, the former police officer gave an insider information of how Ojukwu felt during the critical moments of the war, his exile, his belief in Biafra and what it stands for. He said that the only thing that will make Nigeria to be one nation was to dialogue and agree on restructuring of any kind. The bishop revealed why Igbo billionaires are reluctant in the support for Biafra, saying that Ojukwu told them that Biafra was the only hope for the Igbo man. Excerpt:
You were the ADC to General Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, the Commander-in-Chief of the defunct Republic of Biafra. What did he tell you about Biafra vis-a-vis the current wave of Biafra restoration agitation. Do you think that the current agitation for Biafra restoration is realistic?
Yes indeed. I was in the police force when the war broke out. In fact, when the national riots and disturbances happened I was serving in the mobile force, MOPOL 3, Enugu. I was a unit commander and we were drafted to Lagos when the situation was very tense and we were there when the coup d’├ętat happened. In fact, my unit was assigned to disarm the leaders of the coup. We went to the cantonment in Ikeja and the officers and the men were released to us. We took them to be detained at Apapa. So, we could have been attacked, there could have been a clash. When I look at my life today, I begin to see that God saved me and showed me something about this nation early. So, from all the problems at that level we were on the sideline doing the arrest and seeing what was happening until the crisis increased and we were asked to comeback.
I was serving in Port Harcourt when I was posted to the Biafran Government House and then the declaration has happened. The state of Biafra was already born. The civil war has started far away at the boundaries till the pressure came close to Enugu and the sit of the Biafran government moved from Enugu to Umuahia; that was when I was transferred and I joined the service with Biafran authorities at Umuahia. So, you can see also that I experienced a lot about the beginning. I knew the pressure and I saw the suffering of the people. I saw the air raid. I saw the victims of kwashiorkor in the camps all over the place. The hunger the world council of churches activities; relief programmes and all that. So coming to what you said you know very well that at that point our people had no choice than to hold on together to see a way of defending ourselves. We were hunted.
We were hunted in the North that every crisis that happened we were victims. There were massacres nobody could remember ever not losing a relative. It was terrific and yet we sat there not as administrators, but we sat there as security officers watching and beholding what was happening. There were consultations, people were coming in for marathon meetings and so on, military, the navy and what was left in the air force, the politicians, the civil service, but we were just witnesses. We saw the visit of the international communities from all parts of the world, they had meetings and so on. How do you think all these things could have happened if not a resolution of the people? The people who are hunted, the people who have suffered, some of them have lost everything they helped to build. I am dealing with the foundation of a nation called Biafra, something else happened later that everybody came out not having a gun, not having ammunition, but still wanting to defend what they believed they stood for.
Today, if you go to the net you will find the soldiers with sticks. They were practicing with sticks as riffles so that when the riffles and arms arrived they will be used to it. They never had weapons. So, that was the original concept on which Biafra was built.
Everybody agreed that no we can’t live like this again, we will fight for what we will leave for our children, we will fight to defend it.  Many people didn’t ask how are we going to fight, do you have the way to import arms and ammunition, how would you pay for ammunition and all that. How would you even survive, most people didn’t think about that. The deep feeling was that since we are not wanted we better stay together all alone, that was it and that was what the leadership pushed out to the people and they bought that idea. If you don’t stay together they will slaughter you. You better stay together to organize your survival.
What happened then?
The war was fought, but it became very disastrous and very painful. There were unimaginable loses, air raids, hunger, and sickness, there was disease, death. I saw people dying in their thousands not just from the events at the war front, but the situation was tough. The refugee problem was beyond the control of what we had and I know that the international bodies were helping and sending reliefs. How many planeload of relief per night do you think will solve the problems and take care of the refugees? It just trickled, one planeload a night for the entire Biafra and so on.
But the World Council of Churches and the rest of the international bodies that were helping did their best to provide food, to provide medicine, some of them risked their lives to bring, but in spite of that the territory was shrinking and the pressures were more and more and then, people were less enthusiastic in rushing to the war front and, of course, the situation became more realistic. I remember certain incidents during the war today as a servant of God and they made me shed tears. I was sent to Owerri, there were locations we secured as Biafran government houses and establishment.
There was a bomb attack. A plane flew over Owerri and dropped several bombs that exploded and killed people and as a security officer on duty I was sent to inspect the scene and make a report for the government. I went there, it was around Shell Camp Owerri and the casualty had been cleared and the fire was just fading when I arrived and I had to speak to our people to encourage them and to bring down the fear. You wouldn’t believe what I did. They said there were at least eight huge bombs that were dropped around the area, but they heard only explosion of five; there were still three unexploded bombs. As they were showing me the place we located one which is not totally buried, half of it still showed outside and people rushed to see it and some people were asking people to go away. I went there and stood at that bomb and called people around and address them and what I said was; well the God that has saved you that same God was still working with you. I want you to go and continue your local affairs and know that in this trouble God is with us and that is it. Our people were showing me round, we checked what was lost and how many people that were involved and we left. Two hours after leaving there the rest of the bombs exploded. As a man of God, I said God I am foolish. You saved me. You saved me at the time like this because I would have died there. I would have perished there. There were other incidents. Our troops had contacts with the enemy troop – Biafra troops had contact with the Nigerian troops and they made a deal not to fight again. They became friends and they were exchanging things. On the other side they brought drinks and scarce commodities and our people organized party for them and invited local girls and that kind of things; it was going on until at some point our own people tricked them to come into the Biafra territory and arrested them.
They brought them to the Biafran Government House; I was on duty and they were lined up and when we went to report this incident to the Biafran leader – you see these are some untold stories which people like you should go back to dig out more facts about it. He said to us; how is it possible that you said about 175 to 200 were brought out there for my inspection? How were they captured? What were the casualties on your side? He said there was something fishy about this, but I don’t know, let’s go and inspect the parade and he went there. As he was inspecting the parade one of the persons that came saluted him, it was his back man in the North, it was full of emotion then, of course, at the end the story was told.
There was no fight, there was no battle, there was a deal, Gowon was safe in his bunker, Ojukwu was safe in his bunker and you people were dying at this place at no man’s land and we were dying every day, why not we stop dying and see what they will do. But our own people pulled back on the agreement and arrested them and brought them forward. You know why I am telling you all these because you can go ahead and say all manner of rubbish about Ikemba; he was a wicked man; who told you that he was a wicked man? Who said so? Have you had any dealing with him? Do you know that he had friends up to when he came back from exile? He had friends from the North. Do you know that while he was in exile, I was there, some of his friends; Nigerian rulers and Emirs visited him in Ivory Coast.
Then what happened?
We came back and the war ended. I can even tell you another story about the end of the war. Before he flew out of Uli Airport, but first of all we headed to Uga and we were there at Uga when we received signal that the plane was landing at Uli and we pulled back to Uli. It was a sudden decision because the fronts were collapsing and there was danger, confusion and everything was just falling apart like that. So they decided that we to go for peace meeting. Myself being one the persons that will go with him, a special appeal was made to ask me will you come and I said I will go.
I talked to my parents they said go, we don’t know what will happen; if we all died you are out, then we went. When we came to Uli the army commanders were having their meetings there and when we arrived they pulled out to talk with him and we were trying to load personal things we had and we discovered that there was Biafran soldiers inside the plane. I went to meet them, they said you are not going to anywhere. You are leaving us in this and we are going to blow-up this plane. It was one of my toughest challenges to speak to them, plead with them, and explained to them that we need to keep alive in other to forge ahead with the struggle. As God will have it they heard and then, they allowed us to load, of course, we rewarded them with reliefs and so on for themselves, their friends and their troops and then we boarded the aircraft that had no seats. We sat on the floor everybody, including the head of state and that was how we departed. But then the question was still what happened?
After the war we were in exile. People tried to return to where they came from, some succeeded, some didn’t succeed. You know the story about 20 Pounds. Everybody was leveled with that and looking back today we just thank God for His miracles He did in the lives of our people about recovery and the prosperity He released. People don’t like to talk about it or even to analyze it, but for me as a man of God that is a miracle. All these industrialists you see and all these rich people you see, all started with 20 Pounds.
So, we recovered some of our things and built businesses and went back again to the place where we first started and made friends. People were good to us, some people even took the rent of houses belonging to our people and kept it for them and they looked after their property and so on. Immediately we began to develop a new class of Ndigbo; those who fought and died and those who fought with injuries and pains, but recovered. They went back and started building; they built industries, they built commerce, they built churches, and they built all manner of things in this nation. Is it the same people you are saying to abandon that and come back to fight for what? I am being honest with you.
Some people cannot imagine losing again or abandoning again what they have in this land. They can’t. They are so rich that coming back without what they have there is like asking them to commit suicide. So you have a class of growing young people that didn’t witness the war or who were told somewhere like my children; for example, made me to sit down for a whole day to tell them the story. The eldest told me father, people came referring to you, tell us what happened. We don’t know which story to believe and many people too love the concept of Biafra; self-determination, independent and free to develop ourselves and our potentials; the young people love it, but they didn’t know what happened and now they said that the things they heard were the ideal thing and they want it. They need it and they must have it. Now the older people said, but you don’t know what that will cost you.
If you ask me what I will do, I am right in between the two. I witnessed what happened and I know more than an average person and I can see the point of those who went back to rebuild themselves and businesses, they are reluctant to come back. But I also understand that I wouldn’t like my children to go into slavery in this land. I like my children to develop their potentials and I wouldn’t like them to be second-class citizens. Therefore, we are in a place of balancing that. Wherever or whatever you chose to call it, is it restructuring or reconstituting or repairs or refurnishing or refurbishing whatever RE. I know that RE is a word that belongs to God. In the Bible you see a lot of RE. RE is a word that brings you to the foundation of a certain wall. Restructuring is to structure again. Rebuild is to build again. Revive means to give live again. Reeve is a French word that means to live, so revive means to live again. I like the word RE not as a politician, I am just a preacher of the gospel. If there is anything that will make the RE to work, therefore, to benefit our people then we are in for it. Don’t ask me about the details, but as we are talking within the agreement of one nation. That is what you are looking at this time.
What is your message to Biafra agitators?
IPOB and MASSOB, these are people who love Ndigbo maybe to a fault. They are like me, but everyday my eyes open. They have been unjustly treated. When I was interviewed in this office some time ago on the solution to the troubles in this nation, there is killing in the nation, Nnamdi Kanu was on his side blaring and they asked me, give us what will bring solution to this problems that will appeal to IPOB, MASSOB, the government and the military. I thought about the questions and God gave me an answer and I still stand on the answer till today and these are three things that are necessary; halt the killings, halt the level of marginalization, disaster, hunger and hatred. Three things and these are dialogue, dialogue and dialogue. Why cannot you talk to someone you are accusing of something and get that person to see the reasons to come round and we talk about it, maybe you will understand yourselves better. The answer to it all is dialogue.
In 2016, we refused to dialogue, we refused to talk and if you check from then till now we will see what it cost us and in the future I don’t know how near it is; what will solve this whole thing is a word called dialogue. We will sit down together and talk. There will be a generation that will know that we have to talk about this. They have to listen to themselves. It is not dialogue in the Senate or House of Representatives. It is dialogue of leaders on various sides to take a decision on what they want. I say to IPOB, MASSOB and to groups that are agitating now that the God we serve will bring us and the people opposing what you are doing to a dialogue table. If you fight and leave, you will live to fight again.
Culled from Daily Sun

Buhari’s Look-Alike And His Twin Brother At APC Convention With DSS Operatives. Photos

Nigerian comedian, Obinna Simon, popularly known as MC Tagwaye, who is known for mimicking President Muhammadu Buhari, arrived in style for the continuation of the All Progressives Congress (APC) national convention at the Eagles Square in Abuja earlier today. The comedian who has been labeled president Buhari’s doppelganger due to similar looks – arrived the venue with his twin brother as they were guarded by “operatives of the Department of State Security (DSS)”.

Yesterday, Comedian MC Tagwaye entertained the participants at the convention with his usual ploy of mimicking President Buhari.

The comedian said though he is an Igbo man from Anambra State, he learnt how to mimic the president because he was born and raised in Katsina and he has always admired Mr. Buhari.

MC Tagwaye shot to stardom after he styled his craft in such a way that he dresses, speaks and acts like the President coupled with the fact that he has a striking resemblance with him (Buhari).

Young Lady Dies On The Spot After Being Hit By A Speeding Vehicle. Graphic Photos

A young lady was killed after being knocked down a vehicle two days ago. According to Facebook user Emmanuel, the lady was about to cross the road before a speeding vehicle ran into her and knocked her down. The young lady was said to have died on the spot as her corpse was later removed by the heartbroken residents. May her soul rest in peace.

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