Saturday, 3 August 2013

Watch The Video Of Beverly & Angelo Finally Did The "Thing" In Big Brother Africa The Chase

The video badt oh...
Viewer's discretion is advised o. You must be adult, over 18 years old to wtch it.

Watch the video below...

[] Beverly Osu and Angelo BBA... by dm_51dd3a7c52256


  1. i reserve my comments until she comes back....Enough flogging things nah

  2. This is shameful... Where is Africa heading to?

  3. Hhhhhhhmmmmmm u cnt blame her but is serious thou

  4. WHy is everyone going on about her, did she have sex with herself???? Africa and its backwardness towards women! If you find this offensive, then both must be condemned. Doesnt look like she cares what you all think though............

  5. they certainly had sex in the tub. At one point her hands were reaching back to touch his dick.

  6. It not her fault. her body dey hot.What do you expect her to do?

  7. I agree, there was no doubt that dick was in her pussy which I predicted after the finger probing. heard the sex on the bed was insane also. did anybody see it?


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