Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Best Man Knocked Into A Coma During Traditional Wedding Prank

A best man was knocked into a coma after being brutally shaken in the air by in what was said to be a wedding tradition in east China. Mobile phone footage emerged showing six wedding guests lifting him up from a chair and fiercely swinging him up and down. The man hit the ground on his head and appeared to be unconscious.

According to iFeng.com, a man in white shirt was targeted in a wedding prank in Dongying, Shandong Province, on October 8.

The prank, known as ‘Da Hang’, is said to be a popular wedding prank games to entertain the newlyweds and guests in some rural areas in China.

During the supposed prank, wedding guests imitate the action of piling on construction sites. They are supposed to lift the best man or the bridesmaid up before striking them onto a mattress.

The video clip shows about six male wedding guests holding the best man’s limbs and lifting him up before dropping him down. They had not put a mattress on the ground, so the best man hit the floor directly.

It remains unclear whether or not the guests had let the best man hit the ground so hard on purpose.

However, his head hit the ground hard first.

The man lost his conscious for a while after the hit.

He was taken to the hospital and was found to sustain a concussion.

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