Thursday, 2 August 2018

Hundreds Of Smugglers Seen Entering Buhari’s Town From Niger Rep. Photos

A man has revealed his surprise after he saw hundreds of smugglers on motorcycles while on a working visit to Daura, the hometown of president Muhammadu Buhari in Katsina state.
Smugglers from Niger into Daura, Katsina state

According to Macham Emjayz Joshua, the smugglers were coming from Niger Republic into Daura with bags of foreign rice as Customs officials who have a checkpoint close to the border did nothing to prevent them.

Read what he shared on Facebook;

I work in Katsina. So work took me to Daura today, 31st July, 2018. On my way to Mai Adua Local Govt Area, I came across this fleet of motorcycle riders more than 200 in number exiting Niger Republic into Daura with 4 or 5 bags of foreign rice.

What baffles me is that we left a Nigerian Custom checking point less than 8km behind. They knew about them but dont do shit.

The FG blocked the borders in the Southern part of the country but allowed the North very porous. This not fair. The FG is partial.

While I was taking the video one of the smugglers shouted at me in Hausa “that I had better stopped the video”.

Watch Video Below

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